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A comprehensive lichen survey was undertaken by Mark Powell to determine the lichen species of Bigwood

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A comprehensive survey was completed at Bigwood, London in December 2017 to identify which species Lichens were in Bigwood Nature Reserve. Specific attention was paid to species of high conservation value. All surveys were completed by Mark Powell


Thirty - eight species of lichen and Lichen-related fungi were recorded in Bigwood.


One of the species Britain has International responsibility for and Britain is likely to support more than 10% of the worlds population.

One of the species is nationally rare and six others nationally scarce.

Six species of Lichen in Bigwood are new to VC21 Middlesex.

The large presence of old hazel stools may be responsible for the discovery of Arthonia cinnabarina and Eopyrenula grandicula within the Greater London area and seems rather remarkable and the abundance of Graphis scripta is also of great interest as they are considered to be a feature of hazels in Western areas with little history of Atmospheric pollution.



The site was surveyed By Mark Powell by eye and also using magnification and chemicals for identification and cross sections

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