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A comprehensive management plan was drawn up to optimise the potential, beauty and value of Bigwood as a nature reserve


Bigwood Management Plan 2022-2027

open pdf to read full report


To ensure the future conservation value of the woodland by improving the woodland habitat, biodiversity, age and structure

To promote natural tree regeneration and improve ground flora in glades 

To control identified invasive species 

To maintain the trees with due regard to public safety close to the footpaths.

To maintain trees with regard to public safety close to the footpaths

To minimise the risk of flooding by maintaining the drainage ditches 

To create access for all and recognise the educational, health and well-being benefits of the wood 

To generate and disseminate knowledge about the wood and its ecology

To foster the partnership between The Friends of Big Wood and the Council and other bodies such as the Residents’ Association

To plan and work according to best practice including sourcing external funding to supplement the annual subscription income of the Association in order to improve the woodlands 

Maintain good relations with the owners of neighbouring houses while preventing them encroaching on or dumping garden refuse in the wood.

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