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Friends of Big Wood Nature Reserve
Newsletter - April 2020


We had a very successful activity morning on March 14th finishing off some work in Big Wood but spending most of the time doing clearance in Littlewood. As usual
our planning is to stop work activity during the growing season and start again in September. Obviously we cannot have a final spring session in April. A big thank you to
all the brilliant and hard working volunteers who have contributed so much to the upkeep of the wood during the winter.

On your restricted outings (with the dogs or course) do visit the wood. It is looking very attractive with the wood anemones appearing in many places and the blue bells will be following very soon. It is
encouraging that patches of wood anemones have reappeared where we have erected a fence to persuade walkers to keep to the path if you turn left on the outside path at the Temple Fortune Hill entrance.
There also two clumps of yellow archangel, one of which is in glade one (turn right on the outside path at the Temple Fortune Hill entrance). There is unfortunately always a very small minority who pick the wild flowers- do 
restrain them if you see it happening (two meters away of course)


We had an interesting walk led by Jeff Duckett on mosses and liverworts in the wood. It is amazing how many there are in the wood. Below we have included some photos taken by Julie Rollason during the walk.
Unfortunately we have been obliged to cancel the next walk, the early morning bird walk which was due to take place in Sunday April 19th because of the current restrictions. This is a great pity but we hope David Darren Lambert may be able to carry out the new bird survey and then give a talk on it later in the year. However it may be necessary to postpone the survey until 2021.


There is a marvellous short clip about the management of oak trees and the importance of not compacting the roots in Kew Gardens following the great storm of 1987
Anyone who is interested click on the following:-

Annual Subscriptions

Thanks to all of you who have already renewed your subscription to the Friends of Big Wood for 2020.May we remind everyone else to renew as we need funds to carry out all our planned activities and surveys. Please complete and return the membership renewal.

The annual subscriptions for 2020, are unchanged at £15 for an individual or
£20 per household. We ask you to complete and return the membership renewal sheet

Remember that all details are here on our web site so do signpost your local friends and neighbours to visit the site and encourage them join the Association and to be Friends Of Big Wood.

The Friends of Big Wood Organisation is aware of the new General Data Protection Legislation. Organisations such as ours, which keep a register of names purely for recreational reasons, are exempt from the new regulations. We would advise you all that the data stored is purely to enable us to provide information about Big Wood and no information will be passed to any third party. If, nevertheless, you would like your details deleted from the list, please email us


A great article was written by Peter Falk on the formation of Friends of Bigwood and published in the Suburb News

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