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A comprehensive Botanical survey of Big Wood was undertaken in 2015 

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A botanical survey of the flowering plants and ferns of Big Wood was carried out during the summer of 2015.


A total of 112 taxa (species, subspecies, and named varieties) was recorded. Table 1 lists these taxa by both English and Latin names and by order of frequency. The status of each taxon is shown. Native plants (N) are those that are native in Middlesex; Introduced natives (I) are those that are native elsewhere in England, but introduced in Middlesex; Archaeophytes (Arc) are ancient alien plants known to have been introduced before 1500 AD; and Neophytes (Neo) are more recent aliens, introduced after 1500 AD.


Three visits were made to the Wood - on May 1st, July 12th and August 11th. The visits lasted three hours on each occasion, giving a total of nine hours recording. Care was taken to visit all parts of the Wood on each visit.

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