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Friends of Big Wood Nature Reserve
Newsletter - September 2018


These mornings will commence again at the end of September and continue monthly until March 2019. As many of you who are able, please do come as there is, as usual, a lot to of work to do clearing the existing glades, repairing fencing, protecting saplings and clearing ditches to avoid the necessity of Barnet staff doing the work with tractors which severely damages the under story. These mornings start each Saturday morning at 10am at the Temple Fortune Hill entrance. Dates for the rest of 2018 are:-
Saturday September 29th
Saturday October 20th
Saturday November 10th
Saturday December 8th These activity mornings are great fun and we also enjoy ourselves by having a “tea break” which includes mulled wine in cold weather.Thank you to all the regulars who work so hard. To the others, please do come.


Our final organised walk of the year will take place on Saturday September 29th starting at 2pm at the Temple Fortune Hill entrance. It will be led by Jonathan Meares who has a senior position at the City of London responsible for the tree stock on Hampstead Heath. To book a place on this walk, contact 


The next evening meeting will take place on Tuesday Sept 11th at Fellowship House starting at 7.30pm. We will start by holding our AGM to look at the accounts, confirm the Committee for the forthcoming year plus questions. ( Anyone who would like the accounts in advance, please contact and we will email them to you). If any of you are interested in joining the Committee, please contact us.  The AGM will be followed by a talk by Andy Tipping the Trees and Woodland Manager at Barnet Council.   Do put a note in your diary so that you can come to this evening meeting both to support the Friends and get a chance to learn more about Barnet tree policy and put some questions to Andy.
In December another talk is planned for Tuesday December 11th at 7.30 at Fellowship House. Following the talk we will hold our annual party.
Again reserve the date.

Remember that all details are here on our web site so do signpost your local friends and neighbours to visit the site and encourage them join the Association and to be Friends Of Big Wood.

The Friends of Big Wood Organisation is aware of the new General Data Protection Legislation. Organisations such as ours, which keep a register of names purely for recreational reasons, are exempt from the new regulations. We would advise you all that the data stored is purely to enable us to provide information about Big Wood and no information will be passed to any third party. If, nevertheless, you would like your details deleted from the list, please email us


A great article was written by Peter Falk on the formation of Friends of Bigwood and published in the Suburb News

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