A comprehensive breeding bird survey was undertaken by Bird Brain UK in 2015 to determine the breeding bird species of Bigwood

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Four surveys were completed at Bigwood, London from April to June 2015 to identify which species of birds were breeding on the site. Specific attention was paid to species of high conservation value. All surveys were completed by David Darrell-Lambert.


Twenty eight species of birds were recorded breeding on the site with a population range of 149 to 175 pairs. Two of these species are on the Red list** of conservation importance and four are on the Amber list**. Bigwood holds a high density of breeding birds for an urban site.


The site was surveyed from April to June 2015, with four visits (approximately every three weeks) starting one hour before sunrise and completed within three hours. All birds were recorded on maps with their behaviour noted. Particular attention was paid to breeding birds or those that showed signs of breeding. The route taken was varied and surveys were completed in optimum field conditions (little or no wind or rain). An experienced surveyor was used.