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Big Wood has several events every year.

Details of future events.

January 14th,
February 11th,
March 11th
April 2nd 
starting at 10am

Please put these dates in your diary. We meet at 10am by the gate at the top of Temple Fortune Hill. Anyone who arrives late should telephone 07973541264 to find out in which part of the wood we are working

January 28th
February 18th

starting at 1pm

For those parents who are not already contacted direct with details of the sessions, and who would like their children or grandchildren to participate, email the Friends and their names will be forwarded to the organiser of the next session. The session takes place  between 1-3pm and parents are asked to bring their children to the Temple Fortune Hill gate at 12.55 where they will be collected.

January 21st
starting at 19.30pm

Our Covid delayed AGM is now booked to take place on Saturday evening January 21st at Fellowship House starting at 7.30pm but drinks/snacks will be available from 7pm on. Do come to support the Association, discuss ideas for the future and then sit back to enjoy a talk from our bird expert David Darrell Lambert who will discuss, amongst other things, the result of our last bird survey in Big Wood.


We have invited an expert from the Butterfly Conservation Trust to install a moth trap in Big Wood one night at the end of April and then we will provide some breakfast for people to visit to the wood in the morning to see the range of moths attracted to the trap during the night. Full details will be provided in the next two newsletters when everything is set up.

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