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Big Wood has several events every year.

Details of future events.

Tuesday June 27th starting at 10am

Normally we pause our sessions during the spring/summer growing and nesting season but we have decided to arrange an extra session this summer as we are concerned about the fast spread of wisteria in one part of the wood where it has escaped from a garden. We did do some clearance last winter but not enough. We have been advised by Dr Mark Spencer that it is important to remove as it spreads along the ground until it finds a tree and then climbs up to the canopy smothering the tree. We have fixed the date for Tuesday June 27th starting at 10am at the top of Temple Fortune Hill. We hope for a good turnout before the school holidays despite it being a weekday as there is quite a lot to clear.

Saturday July 15th

starting at 1pm-3pm

Any parent who is not on the forest school mailing list, who is interested in their child
(6-12 years old) joining should email friendsofbigwood1 in the first instance. The sessions will take place every month until the summer vacation. 

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